New month / by Karina Aisina

It's August 1st today!

Just like that, another month flew by and we have come upon the last month of summer.

This summer was full of ups and downs for my family and I, but the downs were more. Of course, I had some good days, but recently things haven't been going smoothly, ya know?

i just wanted to share if anybody else is going through emotional tiredness and weariness. From the outside, when people look at you, it seems to them that everything is going well with your life. You aren't sick, so they assume your health is well, you are doing art..that means you are staying busy, you are making money through other jobs, that means that you are a hard worker....but emotional state of my life is on the inside and I can share that only with close people of mine.

Honestly, I have been having such hard times trusting God and trying to understand why is He allowing certain troubles happen to me. And i still don't know the answers, and still keep asking Him the questions "why...?" And last night, without even planning this, my sister and I had a heart to heart talk about our lives as individuals and as a family. It was a beautiful moment, but at the same time very hard with lots of tears. I am so thankful for my sister, because she is one of those people with whom I can share my deep emotions inside.

As the night went by, we still are so confused with why and what the Lord is doing in our lives. The questions aren't answered and probably won't be for a while. However, the night wrapped up with me praying for her. God's presence was so real and so touching. I believe in those exact moments is where God really listens to us, when we cry out to Him and call upon Him.

As the morning came, God showed this verse to me and i think it clearly speaks about what last night happened. It is from Psalms and it says:

Please Lord Jesus help me to be still. It is hard. It is challenging. But we should continue reminding ourselves, that our God is bigger than our problems, our troubles and our fears. He is GOD. Nothing is impossible for Him. Thankfully, I went to my studio today and loved painting this Bible verse.

I hope that whatever you are going through; whether everybody knows about it, or just a few people, keep praying. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Be still and know that He is God.