First time at the Farmer's Market experience / by Karina Aisina

It is so great when you have connections and know some people around the town, isn't it?

Well my mother is very friendly and knows a lot of people. It has it pluses and minuses, however for this situation it worked out! In many places, people in their local downtown or close by areas hold Farmer's Markets once or even twice a week. Mostly at those markets, vendors sell vegetables, fruits, popcorn....but also jewelry, crafts, t-shirts and other fun stuff.

Where I live we have 3 locations for the Farmer's Markets. One is in downtown, the other is in the west side of the town and the third one is on campus. As i was saying, my mom knew the guy Paulwho is one of the market manager's for the west side. I emailed him to ask if they would consider giving me a place to sell my art.

Paul quickly responded, and asked to see some of my art for the jury. Thankfully, Paul and the juries approved and liked my art, and just like that I got a space in the Farmer's Market on top of the signed contract and the money! It was really exciting, not going to lie :)

Finally, Wednesday came and I got all of my supplies and art ready to go! The time is from 3:30-7pm, but since it was my first time there I came around 1. was so hot that day!

The day went okay, however it was really slow. Many people stopped by to look at my art, some said it was "pretty" and others walked fast by my booth, not even looking once. I really thought, noone would buy even one piece of my art today, and all that money and preparation wasn't going to be worth it.

But i was wrong! Thankfully, closer to the evening time, one lady stopped by and bought my one and only wooden artwork that I have made in college! I love this piece! It resembles Kazakhstan: the horse, the urta, the mountains and the nature. All made of wood.

So that was mine first time at the Farmer's Market selling my art! I don't know how the next Wednesday is going to go, but I am hoping and praying that it will go better and morepeople will be interested in my art. I have heard several similar comments customers telling me that they haven't seen me before. Therefore, I hope the word spreads and more will be willing to buy art.

Have you ever sold anything at Farmer's Market? If so, what was your experience like? Please comment and share down below. Thank you :)