4 Years Ago / by Karina Aisina

Time surely flies. 4 years ago on this day I graduated from high school and I remember that day like yesterday. It was a big accomplishment for me. English is not my first language and going to school where everybody speaks only in English, all the textbooks are in English and everything else was not easy at first. However, God helped me through it and I graduated with honors.

What makes that week so memorable and crazy as well is that my family and I bought a house and had to move in. On June 4. 2012 I had to host a graduation party. Therefore, that whole night we moved in and got everything ready for the party. The guests could not believe that we just moved in, because our house didn't look like that at all. The night before, we painted the walls, cleaned all the rooms, moved in all the furniture, set up the kitchen and prepared the meals. It was certainly exhausting, but all worth it.

I can see through all of this, God has been working in me and leading me to what He has prepared for my future. I am so thankful I got to finish high school and college in America, because here the education is way much better. I love just to stop and thank God for what He has done in the past for me, because it is so easy to take things for granted, but let us never come to that place.