Christmas Art Show / by Karina Aisina

Wow! It is already the end of November!

I am so sorry for not posting a blog in a while. Things have been going busy and crazy! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving spent with your loved ones. I had a good one as well!

We spent our Thanksgiving with just my mom and my two sisters. It was really nice and fun. Cooked some good Russian and Kazakh food and at the end of the night we finished by playing Russian games and watching "The Incredibles".

And one of the big things that I am thankful for is that during these past several months I have been working on a new commission for a new client. His name is Travis and I met him at the Farmer's Market while selling my art at the booth.

He requested 2 pieces for me to make. One was a soft pastel drawing of his six rabbits. It was such a cute and fun drawing to do for me! I haven't done cute artworks in a while. And the other one was a self-portrait of him playing guitar and singing. I created that piece in oils. He loved both of the pieces and I am so happy!

But it doesn't stop there! I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a Christmas art show coming up this December. I will be selling all of my art, which are in various sizes. I really pray and hope all of you can come and support me this holiday season!

Here is a flyer I made for people to share, save and keep for a reminder.


Please if you can come! I would really appreciate every single one of you :)

Thank you!