My name is Karina Aisina and I consider myself a contemporary artist who creates representational and realistic works of art. My paintings and drawings represent something that is living or breathing with expressions of emotion or feelings. I use both dry and wet media for my artwork. One of my favorite medium has been oils, watercolors and soft pastels lately. However, as an artist, I have fun combining different medium to create mixed media work as well. The act of creating draws me in, whatever that may look like for an artist. For me, when I walk in my studio and look myself in the mirror, my hair is up, the apron is on, shoes come off, music is turned up and I have starry eyes from doing something that I love. It is then, when I feel the best and happiest. As an artist, I have a great example to whom I look and who keeps me going - the perfect Maker and Artist from above. I hope you see the beauty in the mess- the beauty in raw emotion - the beauty in paint, colors, strokes, movements, and beauty within yourself. If you love art, it ignites something within you. Art sets my soul on fire. Art encourages freedom. Art glorifies God.